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“Finders keepers” doesn’t apply on the internet.
It’s not kindergarten.
– Marloes de Vries

As you know my work is protected and might not be reproduced or used without my written permission.

I might update this section frequently.

In case you want to use my work for a non-profit purpose I am more than willing to allow it, but only if you

  • ask for permission first
  • credit me when using the photo (watermark MUST stay when you use my work, unless we have other agreements)
  • tell me what reason/purpose my work will be shared under, I then will decide if I want to share my photography for that kind of reason/purpose
  • NO repost on social media – if possible, always use the “share-button” or ask me first!
  • you are NOT allowed to sell, (re-)print etc. on any site of the internet or local stores
  • do NOT remove my watermark

If you are a business, the rules above apply to you too!
Please don’t use or redistribute my work without asking.
In case you want to buy, sell, print, etc. my work contact me first! You can find any contact information [HERE] in case you want to do business with me. I will more than gladly listen to your request or offer.

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